14 June 2024

Sunday Short Theatre – Apocalypse Norway (2019)

When will the lock down for Corona virus ever end? It’s a question billions worldwide are waiting to hear so they can leave isolation and attempt to go back to some sort of normality. This week’s Sunday Short TheatreApocalypse Norway, Scandinavian teenagers live out their last days on Earth.

It’s intriguing what a pandemic can do, by opening up our eyes, looking back at films. When films stories eerily come true or elate to something in the real world. It’s something Jakob Rørvik probably didn’t even consider his 2018  film and themes would relate to the Corona Virus pandemic. The shock must be truly devastating most of all terrifying. Maybe these films should be a warning to us all, for him his film he describes as “part essay, part existential horror

The 20 minute short is set around a global pandemic that sweeping the world. A group of Norwegian teenagers go on holiday to their country’s south coast unaware of the virus, they continue to eat, drink, play and make love.

Here’s the short synopsis that came with the film…
Oda and her friends are holidaying in the stunning south of Norway, seemingly shielded from a deadly virus spreading around the world.

We know (some more personal than others), that viruses don’t discriminate against no one. None of us are truly safe wealthy, poor, male female, young or old. Apocalypse Norway takes the point of view from a Scandinavian perspective and the illusion of safety. No matter what part of the world you are living in if its spreading like wildfire.

How would you react if you learned the virus is on a an Apocalyptic level and you are going to die soon? It’s a thought we pray we’ll never have to answer.

SourceShort Of The Week

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