15 June 2024

Sunday Short Theatre – Alone (2020)

Isolation seems to be a running theme in a lot of films these days probably will be as long as the pandemic is around. A lot of great films have been created during the pandemic like this week’s Sunday Short Theatre choice, Alone.

This week’s film comes from filmmaker William Hellmuth  and stars Steph Barkley in the lead role. Kara Torres a spirited but stubborn engineer who barely escaped from a her spaceship in pod. That pod is now circling s blackhole, no way to escape, no one coming to her rescue either.

As mentioned before, isolation plays a big key role in this one, Hellmuth’s 20 minute sci-fi short, captures it really well. All thanks to keeping the film in one location, which also helps on the budget constraints. From the limited camera angles you get a feel of the claustrophobia Kara. Also her sense of dread and pending doom with the repeat use of the same image. Another to enhance the look of the film is the lighting  which change as Kara’s pod gets closer to the blackhole.

A momentous, absorbing short film.

Kaya Torres is circling a black hole in a pod, with no one coming, no one to help. She’s Alone.

The film also stars Thomas Wilson Brown.

Source: Dust

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