22 May 2024

Sunday Short Theatre – 硬币(The Coin)

We take people from all parts of the world those little traditions and things we may do, we take for granted everyone else does them too. Many find it strange when someone finds traditions other families do which to them are entirely normal. In this week’s Sunday Short Theatre 硬币(The Coin), those traditions take centre stage and a woman adapting to new cultural traditions in a new country.

This delightful 7 minute  stop -motion animated short comes from Chinese filmmaker Siqi Song. Her last film  was the award winning Oscar nominated short Sister which was all about growing up in 1990’s China during the one child policy. This film is once again equally as personal as her previous film which now centres around her family’s New Year traditions. Missing the place you call home when you are far from it, Song is and now lives in the U.S.

The Coin (硬币) is set around an young woman who loses a jar of lucky coins as she travels to a new home far away. She accidently leaves the jar of coins on a train back in her homeland  and she starts to suffer from unsettling moments. Is it just her anxiety or something else?

China like may countries in the world have many little things and traditions they do regularly with pride. The coins are used in Jiaozi, dumplings which coins are are placed in for luck at the Chinese New Year.  Siqi struggled at first with the American foods like you do in any country at first. Food is also that perfect comfort of home and anything just out of place or missing can upset you.

This film packs a lot in it’s short running time and Song does input a lot of her own family history into the film.  Gorgeous stuff, enjoy…

During her journey to a new country, a girl loses her jar of lucky coins then finds one in a most unexpected place – a new short from Oscar-nominated filmmaker Siqi Song.

Source: Short Of The Week

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