22 June 2024

Stan Lee’s latest lucky TV offering

Stan Lee

Since the turn of the 21st century our cinema screens have been lit up by comic-book superheroes such as the X-Men, the Fantastic Four and Iron Man. And whilst all of these creations have come from the pen of comic maverick Stan Lee, in terms of his television offerings he’s had less success.

But 2016 could see Stan Lee have a change of luck that would see him move beyond forgettable fodder such as Stripperella with his latest venture – Stan Lee’s Lucky Man.

The television series that began on Sky One on 22 January stars James Nesbitt as a hard-bitten cop who’s got something of a gambling problem, that is until a one-night stand leaves him with a lucky charm that gives him the surprising ability to control his fate at a casino.

James Nesbitt’s character manages to successfully utilise Stan Lee’s gift for creating individuals who are complex enough to transcend their comic-styled origins, and as the series progresses, it has carefully shown how luck can have both positive, and negative consequences.

With online gambling sites like Betway Casino becoming all the rage with the net-savvy generation of mobile gamers keen to play their selection of slots, poker and roulette games, the Stan Lee series offers a timely look at how gambling is still relevant in the 21st century.

And key to the success of the series is the way that London’s streets are evocatively shot in a way that has rarely been seen on our TV screens before. Furthermore, the supporting cast of the likes of Eve Best and Sienna Guillory do a great job of providing an element of depth to this fantasy tale.

Although Stan Lee reportedly only came up with the basic premise of the television series, it has all of his trademark touches with a simple twist of supernatural powers being granted to an individual, much in the way that the X-Men series provided us with so much paranormal fun.

However, the critics have not all been equally kind. Newspapers like the Telegraph stated that the series was ‘a little silly’, and although the Guardian stated that Lucky Man had engaging characters, it did mention that it suffered from an element of genre cliché.

So if you’re looking for a more authentic view of casino life, then a visit to Betway Casino might be a good bet. But for classic comic-book exuberance, then Stan Lee’s Lucky Man should satisfy all superhero fans.

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