19 June 2024

Spot The Real Frog In New Muppets Most Wanted Trailer


If Kermit’s friends can’t be sure their looking at the real thing what hope does our favourite velvet frog have ever escaping? Things may not look good for Kermit The Frog but for us cinephiles is looking great as a new adventure is on the cards and next month Muppets Most Wanted will arrive check out the new trailer!

The Film Industry Trust’s Moments Worth Paying For campaign continues with The Muppets Most Wanted targeted  flick to remind us to experience those magical cinematic moments, din’t accept copies! Find Any Film is there to help you find that cinema to enjoy those moments worth paying for but as you’ll see it’s had an amphibian rebrand to ‘Find Any Frog’! of course the rebrand is all thanks to Miss Piggy who knows how to deal with imposters!

In Muppets Most Wanted the gang find themselves on a trip around Europe to Berlin, Madrid, Dublin and London in search of Kermit whose been replaced by the world’s number one criminal  Constantine! Who happens to  is a dead ringer for Kermit but will the gang be able to find the frog and free him as mayhem follows their every step.

The Muppets Most Wanted arrives in UK cinemas 28th March (21st USA).

The past weekend over the pond in New York it was the Superbowl, who was playing I have no clue but a number of new Trailers and TV Spots where released below is the Muppets Most Wanted TV Spot. The new video really shows off the inventive, funny brand of humour only Kermit & Co could get away with, if you enjoyed the ‘Twitter spot’ they make a funny return in this one.

Remember kids keep everything official!

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