26 May 2024

SPIDERMAN 4 scrapped for 2012 Reboot

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Well spidey maniacs this may not be the news you wanted to here or maybe it is, Sony pictures have decided to scrap movie 4 for a reboot Spiderman V2.0.  The new version is set for a summer 2012 release with a new cast, new director based on a already wrote James Vanderbilt script and with Raimi unable to garuntee movie 4 would be ready for Sony’s Summer 2011 release date so Sony pulled the plug.

Questions will be asked was there going to be a fourth movie in the first place especially if an script for the reboot was already done? Was John Malkovoich as Vulture another smokescreen to build up interest in movie 4 or will he be in the reboot? There is a thousand questions people will be asking and Spidey himself actor Tobey Maguire wasnt apparently too disappointed with the news as he says he has already given 3 quality performances as  everyones favourite webslinger (some people may beg to differ tobey). What this new will do will light the firetorch more on the rumours of Tobey moving to the Shire to play a certain hobbit as for Raimi it could be the beggining of World Of Warcraft movie project.

According to the post at Slashfilm (which was sourced from EW & Variety) When James Vanderbilt came onboard he had already written the reboot and was Sony’s contingency plan and when movie 4 was complete the script would have possibly came into effect with movie 5 and 6 been possible reboot flicks.What we do know about the movie it will be a more gritty contemporary look on Spiderman and right away people will look at Batman and Christopher Nolan’s vision for the character but that wouldnt really suit Spiderman.

If you are like me followed Spiderman from American Comicbooks (Yes I bought Amazing, Spectacular and Web of Spiderman as a kid) you understand Spiderman’s character was not dark, gritty and Marvel even tried a darker Spidey in Todd McFarlane’s Spiderman which started great but failed. Spiderman story can be a bit on the heavy side but  dark like Batman is a no no, Spiderman is more like the 1960’s TV Batman minus a bit of cheesy campness.But I’m a little concerned is what Devin at CHUD and Anne Thompson indiewire speculated on.

With the recent  Twilight franchise Columbia/Sony want to grab some of the limelight as well as fanbase that the reboot will bring in younger actors (Talyor Lautner for Spidey?) and take the cheaper route. This could be a possiblity especially in todays climate when Sony are looking to save a lot of pennies when Spiderman 3 cost around $300million to make ( number 4 would have been more) and dropping a few big names  from the cast will save money with a reboot could cost around $200 million mark.

If they do take the twilight esque steal there fans route it could give you an indication of what the movie could head towards. Hitting current Schoolkid/youth issues and even possibly having old favourite Spidey Villians in there younger days, but would Peter Parker be an emokid who thinks the world is against him and only listens to sad emorock/punk (ok any emo kids outhere dont fire bullets at me your talking to someone who grew up listening heavy music like Slayer, Anthrax, sucidal tendacies as well as hardcore-punk). That is worring as it will alienate the fanbase that has followed the movies since day one with many been adults who have grown up with the character since comicbook and the 1980’s cartoons. But reboots doesnt always have to be following the origins just look at Star Trek, but if they follow the original Peter parker at schooldays you have to bring in Gwen stacey story which was was good stuff.

So who would we get to direct the movie? As usual whose hot in Hollywood will be getting connected to the movie with Marc Webb (500) days of Summer director, Gary Ross (seabiscuit) and Michael Bay. But the one who scares me the most and if he’s the one who gets it we can just forget about everything and go on permament holiday is McG !

I am as are many people now are just getting a little bored and like 3-d movies its getting a little out of hand the number of reboots that have been made recently or a in the process of been made. Reboots like Batman and Star Trek where great as the original movies date away back into 1980/1990’s and a reboot where good ideas ( with the exception of the Franchise killer McG’s Terminator Salvation) but a movie franchise that was made in the decade which we just finished Im concerned on the lack of creativity here. What Sony has done done has left a massive gap in summer 2011’s movie schedule and if the twilight esque route is the way they are going lets see how much money they bring in or even loose. So lets watch as this reboot unfolds and look ahead instead of looking back at what could have been.

Sources FirstShowing / Collider / Slashfilm

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