22 May 2024
Femme starring George MacKay

Signature Unveil Their November And December Slate

Garrett Hedlund stars in Desperation Road
It’s Halloween tomorrow and many of us are getting ready for trick r treating, over at Signature Entertainment it’s all about the following day, November!

11 new titles coming your way next month coming to a small and big screen near you. Mafia comedy starring Toni Collette, fantasy inspired by classical opera and animation inspired by classic literature.  It’s not just all about November, the final slate of the year, December sees Neo-Noir thriller with George MacKay, sci-fi comedy with Sir Ben Kingsley...

The Magic Flute (Cert PG, 124mins)

This magic adaptation of Mozart’s iconic opera will leave you spellbound. Tim has been dreaming his whole life about attending Mozart All Boys Music School, but already his first days there confront him with a hostile headmaster, the stresses of a first love, and serious doubts about the authenticity of his singing voice. When he discovers a mystical gateway in the school’s library, he is pulled into the fantastic cosmos of Mozart’s opera, The Magic Flute, where imagination has no limits and the Queen of the Night reigns. Starring F. Murray Abraham (The White Lotus), Iwan Rheon (Game of Thrones), Greg Wise (Sense and Sensability) and Jack Wolfe (Shadow and Bone), The Magic Flute is directed by Florian Sigl from a script written by Christopher Zwickler based on the singspiel by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Emanuel Schikaneder.

Released on Digital Platforms 6th November.

One True Loves (Cert PG, 100mins)

Three’s a crowd in one of the most charming romances of the year. High school sweethearts Emma (Phillipa Soo, Hamilton) and Jesse (Luke Bracey, Point Break) are the perfect couple, seizing every opportunity to travel the world until their marital bliss is ruthlessly cut short on their first anniversary, when Jesse disappears in a helicopter crash. Heartbroken, Emma moves back to Massachusetts to mend her life back together. Years later, she falls in love with best friend Sam (Simu Liu, Shang-Chi), finally ready to move on. Newly engaged, it feels like Emma’s second chance at happiness is finally here until she receives the most shocking news: Jesse is alive. Completely torn, Emma must now choose between a husband and a fiancé. One True Loves is directed by Andy Fickman (Race to Witch Mountain) and written by Alex J. Reid (Angie Tribeca) and Taylor Jenkins Reid (The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo).

Released on Digital Platforms 6th November

The Canterville Ghost (Cert PG, 88mins)

This classic Oscar Wilde adaptation reunites Fry and Laurie alongside a fantastic voice cast in a spooky animated adventure. The poor ghost of Sir Simon Canterville has been roaming his castle searching in vain for a brave descendant who will release him from the Canterville curse by performing a brave deed. An American family moves in and finds the ghost amusing, but a young girl in the family can release him – if she dares. Starring Freddie Highmore (The Good Doctor), Toby Jones (Indiana Jones 5), Hugh Laurie (House M.D), Imelda Staunton (Vera Drake), Stephen Fry (V for Vendetta), Miranda Hart (Miranda) and Emily Carey (House of the Dragon), The Canterville Ghost is directed by Kim Burdon & Robert Chandler (The Amazing Maurice) from a script written by Giles New (Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl) and Keiron Self (My Family).

Released on Digital Platforms 6th November

The Never Ending Murder (Cert 12, 4x45mins)

The Never Ending Murder delves into the tragic case of teen mother, Nicola Payne, who at 18 years old went missing and was never heard from again. This limited series tells the extraordinary story through gripping first-hand testimony from Nicola’s heartbroken family, alongside witnesses and the lead police detectives who carried out the investigation – still one of Britain’s longest unsolved murder cases. The series examines all the evidence, highlights key failings in the original work of the police and uncovers shocking, new revelations. Will this documentary be the springboard to solving this 30-year investigation once and for all? The Never Ending Murder is directed by Mark Radice, produced by Venita Kidza and production managed by Mel Rainbow. Executive Producers are Sheldon Lazarus, Nicola Pearcey, Leo Pearlman and Kevin Proctor.

Released on Digital Platforms 13th November.

Showdown at the Grand (Cert 15, 92mins)

This 80s action-movie homage is a showdown for the ages. Proud movie theater owner George Fuller is gearing up for a retrospective featuring fictional action star Claude Luc Hallyday. But when his beloved cinema, the Warner Grand, suddenly comes under attack by hatchet-wielding ninjas sent by a ruthless corporate developer, the two men take the action off the screen and into the theater. Starring Terrence Howard (Crash), Dolph Lundgren (Rocky IV), Amanda Righetti (The Mentalist) and John Savage (The Deer Hunter), Showdown at the Grand is written and directed by Orson Oblowitz (The Queen of Hollywood Blvd).

Released on Digital Platforms 13th November

Yuletide the Knot (Cert PG, 102mins)

Get ready for a marry little Christmas in this heart-warming wintertime romance. When small town wedding planner Rachel (Mary Antonini, A Christmas Mission) is faced with planning her biggest Christmas wedding yet for an out-of-town influencer couple, she is thrown an unexpected surprise when the bride’s manager turns out to be Logan (Peter Porte, The Young and the Restless), her first love and high school sweetheart – her one that got away. He reminds her what it is to love, and through rediscovering the magic of Christmas, she rediscovers a part of her heart she closed off long ago. Also starring Kelley Jakle (Pitch Perfect), Kelsey Scott (How to Get Away with Murder) and Rachel Leyco (Games People Play), Yuletide the Knot is directed by Nanea Miyata (Christmas Harmony) from a script written by Miyata and Daniel Mahler Landman (Star Trek: Picard).

Released on Digital Platforms 13th November

Muzzle (Cert 15, 100mins)

This crime thriller has just as much bite as it does bark. LAPD K-9 officer Jake Rosser (Aaron Eckhart, The Dark Knight) and his K-9 partner Ace battle it out on the streets of LA when they get into a shootout with local drug dealers and Ace is shot dead. In a moment of crisis, Jake tries to get an EMT to look at Ace and assaults him when he refuses, resulting in him taking leave from the force. Blocked by Internal Affairs, muzzled by his own superiors from finding the shooter’s identity, Jake resolves to go rogue and partners with “Socks”, a violent K-9 with titanium incisors and a mysterious past. Jake and Socks aim to uncover a vast conspiracy that has a chokehold on the city and take vengeance on those responsible. Also starring Stephen Lang (Avatar: The Way of Water), Nick Searcy (Justified), Penelope Mitchell (Star Trek: Picard) and Diego Tinoco (On My Block), Muzzle is directed by John Stalberg Jr. (Crypto) and written by Stalberg Jr. and Carlyle Eubank (The Signal).

Streaming on Prime Video 14th November

Mafia Mamma (Cert 15, 101mins)

From suburban mom to mafia don, this Toni Collette comedy will leave you in stitches. Mafia Mamma follows a normal American woman (Toni Collette, Hereditary) who unexpectedly inherits her grandfather’s mafia empire in Italy. Guided by the firm’s trusted consigliere (Monica Bellucci, The Matrix franchise), she hilariously defies everyone’s expectations, including her own, as the new head of the family business. Also starring Sophia Nomvete (Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power), Mafia Mamma is directed by Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight), written by J. Michael Feldman (A.P. Bio) and Debbie Jhoon (Kevin from Work).

Streaming on Prime Video 17th November

Desperation Road (Cert 18, 105mins)

In this southern thriller, trust is the only thing they have left. Ex-con Russell Gaines is attempting to rebuild his life with the help of his father, Mitchell, However, the arrival of Maben sends his new life into chaos, leading the pair to go on the run – as their violent pasts catch up to them, the pair must learn to trust each other if they hope to live out the rest of their days. Starring Garrett Hedlund (Tron: Legacy), Mel Gibson (Signs), Willa Fitzgerald (Scream: The TV Series), Ryan Hurst (Remember the Titans), Woody McClain (The Harder They Fall) and Pyper Braun (Country Comfort), Desperation Road is directed by Nadine Crocker (Continue) from a script written by Michael Farris Smith (Blackwood).

Released on Digital Platforms 20th November

The Retirement Plan (Cert 15, 103mins)
Starring Nicolas Cage
Nic Cage is the grandfather you wish you had in this tropical action comedy. When Ashley and her young daughter Sarah get caught up in a criminal enterprise that puts their lives at risk, she turns to the only person who can help – her estranged father Matt currently living the life of a retired beach bum in the Cayman Islands. As Ashley, Sarah and Matt become entangled in an increasingly dangerous web, Ashley quickly learns her father had a secret past that she knew nothing about and that there is more to her father than meets the eye. Starring Nicolas Cage (Face/Off), Ashley Greene (Twilight), Jackie Earle Haley (Watchmen), Ron Perlman (Sons of Anarchy), and Thalia Campbell (Merry Liddle Christmas), The Retirement Plan is written and directed by Tim Brown (Defendor).

Released on DVD & Blu-ray 20th November

Femme (99mins)
Femme starring George MacKay
This neo-noir revenge thriller will get your heart pounding. Jules’ life and career as a drag queen is destroyed by a homophobic attack, but when he re-encounters his attacker in a gay sauna, he is presented with a chance to exact revenge. Starring George MacKay (1917), Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (Misfits), John McCrea (Cabaret), Nima Taleghani (Heartstopper), Aaron Heffernan (Brassic), and Antonia Clarke (The Serpent Queen). With music composed by Adam Janota Bzowski (Saint Maud) and cinematography by James Rhodes (Adele: One Night Only). Femme is produced by Myles Payne (Beast), Sam Ritzenberg, executive produced by Marnie Podos and Eva Yates (The End We Start From) of BBC Films, co-produced by Hayley Williams and written and directed by Sam H. Freeman and Ng Choon Ping based on their 2021 BIFA-winning and BAFTA-nominated short of the same name.

Released exclusively in cinemas 1st December

Miranda’s Victim (126mins)
Miranda's Victim
This is the true-life story of a woman who changed America’s legal system forever. In 1963. eighteen-year-old Patricia Weir is kidnapped and raped. Committed to putting her attacker, Ernesto Miranda, in prison, Trish’s life is destroyed by America’s legal system as she triggers a law that transforms the nation and impacts the international legal system. Starring Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine), Donald Sutherland (The Hunger Games), Taryn Manning (Orange is the New Black), Kyle MacLachlan (Twin Peaks), Emily VanCamp (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier), Ryan Phillippe (Crash) and Luke Wilson (The Royal Tenenbaums), Miranda’s Victim is directed by Michelle Danner (The Runner) from a script written by George Kolber, Richard Lasser (Heroes of the Golden Masks) and J. Craig Stiles (Dreams I Never Had).

Released on Digital Platforms 4th December

The Inseparables (90mins)
The Inseparables coming to UK Cinemas in December from Signature Entertainment
From the writers of Toy Story comes an heartwarming adventure that shows the true power of imagination. A fun buddy adventure following the misadventures of runaway puppet Don with a boundless imagination and abandoned stuffed animal toy DJ Doggie Dog in need of a friend. The pair cross paths in Central Park and pair up against all odds for an epic adventure of friendship in the big city. Starring Dakota West and Jordan Baird, The Inseparables is directed by Jérémie Degruson (Son of Bigfoot) and written by Joel Cohen & Alec Sokolow (Toy Story), Bob Barlen (PAW Patrol: The Movie) and Cal Brunker (Escape from Planet Earth).

Released exclusively in cinemas 8th December

Rise of the Footsoldier: Vengeance (Cert 18, 112mins)

Pat Tate (Craig Fairbrass, Cliffhanger) embarks on a rampage to avenge his loyal and trusted footsoldier’s violent death, venturing beyond his comfort zone of Essex into the dark side of 90s Soho to track down the villain responsible. Set to execute his revenge, Tate will stop at nothing even as the world around him starts to explode. Also starring Jamie Foreman (Layer Cake), George Russo (Rise of the Footsoldier: Origins), Ben Wilson (Wednesday), Stephen McCole (Vigil), Sadie Frost (Bram Stoker’s Dracula), Tara Fitzgerald (Legend), ArrDee, Josh Myers (Fighting With My Family), Emily Wyatt (The Last Heist), Geoff Bell (RocknRolla), Anthony Skordi (The Offer) and Phil Davis (Vera Drake). Rise of the Footsoldier: Vengeance is directed by Nick Nevern (Rise of the Footsoldier: Origins) from a screenplay by Andrew Loveday and Jason Maza.

Released on DVD and Blu-ray 26th December

Jules (Cert 12a, 90mins)
Jules In UK Cinemas December
A heartwarming E.T. meets Sir Ben Kingsley in this brilliantly watchable tale. Milton lives in a small town and is getting more forgetful and isolated with age. When an extraterrestrial crash lands in his backyard, destroying his beloved birdbath, the two form an unlikely bond. Jules stars Sir Ben Kingsley (Sexy Beast), Harriet Sansom Harris (Licorice Pizza), Jane Curtin (Can You Ever Forgive Me?) and Zoe Winters (Succession) and is written by Gavin Steckler (Review) and directed by Marc Turtletaub (Little Miss Sunshine).

Released in Cinemas and Digital Platforms 29th December

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