22 May 2024

Russell Crowe is, Robert McCALL…THE EQUALIZER!!

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Movieland seems to be in nostalgia lala land these days with looking back in time for ideas on what to create for tomorrow and the 1980’s seems to be a popular decade for source of ‘new’material. Just look at this weekend in USA we have 2 1980’s tv/movies making an appearance on the big screen with A-Team (a movie that for years people cried out for to be movie and some wish it wasnt made) and Karate Kid ( a movie which has surprised many people been an actual decent remake and talk about a sequel possibly coming) both are doing solid in sales.

So what next can we scrape out of the 1980’s and try make some cheap bucks from the movie fan world? Well step up Robert McCall, thats the Equalizer to me and you. Yes the 1980’s Crime drama where Robert McCall for secret ops agent who made amends of his sins of the past by helping people free of charge (troubleshooter, protector or investigator ). How did you find him? through the newspaper advert – “Got a problem? Odds against you? Call the Equalizer.”

Robert McCall was played by the great British Actor Edward Woodward, so roll on to current day Russell Crowe has stated he wants to be the new robert McCall for the big screen adaptation and it seems he’s wanted to play the part for sometime now. During the day Harvey Weinstien had his mucky paws on the show and whole host of known actors have been involved in the show:  Macaulay Culkin, Kevin Spacey, Christian Slater and John Goodman guest starring.

Like The crys for the A-Team to become a movie the calls for Equalizer to follow suit now seem to be coming reality thanks to the team behind Taking Pelham 123 remake, Escape Artists and Mace Neufield( Lucky Number Slevin director Paul McGuigan was also involved at one point). What has to be done first is shop around for a studio as many thought Weinstein Company would buy the rights but there too busy in making new movies as there more interested in buying back the Miramax back catalogue.

If Crowe is to play Robert McCall this wont be the first British character in the last few years as he played in last years remake of State of Play a BBC drama made for big screen. Crowe does need a part like this something alot grittier as well more action based as this movie type does suit his acting style, but sadly like many remakes we wont see a cameo from the original actor  oh they’ll find some connection from the tv series anyway!

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