22 May 2024

Robert Rodriguez to Direct Deadpool?

Since his inclusion in X-Men Origins: Wolverine last year as well as his popularity as a comicbook the talk was always on the table that a spin-off movie would happen. In the that movie it was Ryan Reynolds who played Deadpool but talk has simmered down recently until now as Reynold’s superhero focus has been on Hal Jordan aka The Green Lantern.

A report from L.A Times is suggestion the movie might be close to becoming reality as they state director Robert Rodriguez and Fox are in “negotiations”  for the possibility of Rodriguez directing the movie. This could mean very little and when questioned both parties have denied all rumours but what LA Times beleive Rodriguez has at least had a look at the script written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.

If the speculation becomes true it would be hard to see when the Deadpool movie was start as Rodriguez has Machete coming out very soon, Spy Kids 4 is about to be made and already the talk of Predators follow up has surfaced. You also have to look to see if and when Ryan Reynolds can play the character, looking at his IMDB page they are stating 2012, only time will tell. If Deadpool becomes reality the movie would have to combine elements of action and comedy and what we’ve seen from Rodriguez he can pull it off, but what concerns myself is what rating are they aiming for? would it be 18 (R)? If yes that could limit the actual readers of the comicbook or will it be the dreaded 12A meaning violence and blood will be watered down and Deadpool with no violence is like a bricklayer with no bricks.

Danny Trejo cameo for Deadpool anyone?

Marvel Universe Deadpool profile

source LA Times

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