20 May 2024

No Movie Yet for WWII comic book Hero Sgt Rock (but there will be in the future)

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Source The Playlist

In the days of many comic book movie adaptations many people are sometimes a little bemused when certain comics get made into movies or even  be considered, others are frustrated or dont know why some of the big names dont even get near a big screen. The last few years one comic book thats has been mentioned to be a movie is Sgt.Rock.

Sgt Rock was created away back in 1959 as an fictional Soldier during World War 2 fighting his way through many scenario’s in the D.C Comics universe. He was the orginal All American  war hero blessed with a perfect shot, superhuman strength and street fighting skills that any fighter would be proud to look upto. Created by Robert Kanigher and Joe Kubert Sgt Rock first appeared offically as Rock not Rocky (as he was in G.I Combat #68) in issue 81 of Our Army At War, but it wasnt until the 1970’s before the character became very popular.

Many moons ago Arnold Swarzenegger was rumoured to be one of his projects, away back when he was an big name at the box office. Even with Arnie been an Austrian playing a American G.I of Easy Company it would bring a story arc that the Sergant’s father was an German-American  abling Rock to speak German to take out the enemy. But like all things great to refresh an possible “tired” idea and  Joel Silver the producer behind the project is looking to bring a more modern story instead of Rock’s WWII origins.

The Playlist reported away back in November That Joel Silver wants to bring Sgt Rock into 21st Century by taking the origins & source of Rock and  creating a story which is “…a little bit in the future.” This however make way for a movie franchise which many film studios are desperete to get that magical franchise which would bring them success in the way Harry Potter has done. The question I ask is how far in the future? and if its a good bit in the future why not give him blue skin and call him Rogue Trooper?

What we do know is that Joel has confirmed that Chad St. John‘s script and director Francis Lawrence are still involved but for the meantime the movie has been moved to the sidelines due to Joel Silver’s busy schedule. What you may have forgotten Joel Silver does have another D.C comics adaptation on the sidelines which has been gathering alot of dust recently, thats Lobo. You may ask when will that project surface, it has already lost its director Guy Ritchie who was busy with Joel creating Sherlock Holmes and is already working on movie 2.

So Sgt.rock fans do not despair once Joel Silver gets his hous up and running in a good order do expect Rock and possibly Lobo to resurface in the near future, so for now label the projects “to be continued”

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