20 May 2024

New Avatar:Featurette -Themes

A new Featurette has been realeased by 20th Century Fox for James Cameron’s Avatar. It was released via Yahoo Taiwan and I big warning: This is a ultimate spoiler! It gives away virtually all the story but if you dont mind you will see some new footage. As they stated on Slashfilm This is James Cameron’s own Lord Of The Rings and I have to agree with that statement. There is some quick flash interviews with cast and one of cameron describing Pandora “Kinda of Garden of Eden with teeth and Claws”.

Not long now before Judgement Day arrives for James Cameron, December 17th when Avatar flies into our cinemas.

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.3930530&w=425&h=350&fv=]

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2 thoughts on “New Avatar:Featurette -Themes

  1. Good move on posting the spoiler warning… I think I’ve already ruined the movie for myself by knowing way too much in advance to really enjoy it “for the first time”. I’ve been taking a media blackout approach to a few upcoming movies, like Iron Man 2, as an experiment to see if you can actually enhance your moviegoing experience by going in totally blind…but I digress.

    Avatar looks great, but it’ll be too bad if it relies too heavily on 3D. Why? Because once its theatre run is done – it’ll never be quite as good again. Home video 3D has a long way to go before it becomes an actual value-added feature.

    1. cheers steve, yeah i learned my lesson with previous movies and noticed right away on some of the other blogs the featurette was a spoiler but I decided to include a warning and post the feature as I know some people dont care how much they know and if its a film thats been a book, comic, old movie, etc… the fans of that movie/book will already know everything (i:e Twilight)

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