22 June 2024

Mads Mikkelsen Will Bleed In The Salvation UK Trailer


There was a time Westerns in your local cinema where ten a penny, today there as rare as a Conservative MP volunteering at their local food bank. In The Salvation Denmark’s famous export Mads Mikkelsen will literately bleed for you for his craft to prove Westerns have the rightful place amongst their contemporaries watch UK Trailer.

The Salvation is directed by Kristian Levering takes us back to 1870s when many Danes looking for new life putsode Denmark head to USA, Danish immigrant Jon (Mads Mikkelsen) has been waiting for years to bring his wife and son to the United States. When he finally succeeds, moments after their arrival they fall victim to a horrific crime. Out of grief and despair Jon kills the perpetrator. His actions unleash powerful forces. His victim’s brother is the ruthless Colonel Delarue who terrorises the town of Black Creek and will stop at nothing to avenge his brother. Betrayed and ostracised by the community, Jon must transform himself from peaceful settler to fearless warrior to save the town and find peace

The Salvation doesn’t take the modern route of going down the dark, gritty route but delivering a rare homage to American Westerns that the likes of Clint Eastwood made popular.It’s a shame modern day film has deliberately  forgotten about genres like Westerns for those they believe Young Adults without asking what they really like. And before you can say oh la la yes that is former Man United footballer come actor Eric Cantona who took a little bit of a shine of the trailer as he’s the only blimp on what looks a fantastic film.

Warner Bros are releasing The Salvation in UK on 17th April (out now in USA). The film also stars Eva Green, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Mikael Persbrandt, Jonathan Pryce and Douglas Henshall.


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