26 May 2024

Looking Like More Alien Adventures For Wilkus aka Sharlton Copely with "I Am Number 4"

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2009 seemed to be the year of the unknown actor/actress to take centre stage in the (co-) leads in their movies Christoph Waltz in Basterds, Gabourey Sidibe in Precious(in USA it was out late 2009, UK 2010) ,Carey Mulligan in An Education  and this man Sharlto Copely in District 9. Yes Waltz was already known actor but unknown outside his native Germany) but Sidibe and Copely were unknowns and since there premiere movies they have come in much demand.

As Usual when when you have an successful debut movie you seem to be automatically connected with every project under the sun but Sharlto Copely has been very diplomatic on what projects to accept and ones to say thanks but not no thanks. Many of us where not at all surprised he took the part of Murdgock in the upcoming A-Team flick, simply down his zany parts as  Wilkus in District 9 we can all agree got him that part.

So The Heat Vision Blog reports Copely is now heading back to Sci-fi with apart in Dreamworks I AM FOUR a young adult book created by James Frey and Jobie Hughes. In the movie Copely will play one of the leading roles a former servent to Number Four  who is one of nine aliens who must flee there hom e planet escaping to earth living as humans, Number four will be played by Alex Pettyfer (Tormented/Alex Rider:Stormbreaker) and copley is his protector & mentor.

Eagle Eye’s DJ Caruso will be directing the movie with Steven Spielberg & Michael Bay producing with Smallville’s Al Gough and Miles Millar scripting. If your planning to check out the book I’m affraid you’ll have to wait until Autumn before the book is out and there is plan to release 6 books in total so we could have another possible franchise on the cards here?

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