22 June 2024

London Film & TV Comic Con 2014

mcm-london-Batmobile-NewThis was my first LFTCC event, I thought, since I went to the Newcastle one, why not see what this one has to offer, so after the 6 hour travel there on Friday before the preview night we were straight in to get Stan Lee’s autograph, and it was certainly a good job we went when we did because the queues got insane over the weekend to see him.

The event was packed full of famous faces, a lot more than Newcastle as you can expect, such as:

  • Edward James Olmos
  • Carrie Fisher
  • John Hurt
  • Anthony Head
  • Lena Headey
  • Michael Madson
  • Jenna Coleman
  • Summer Glau
  • Al Snow
  • Lita

Plus many more from Doctor Who, to stars wars to a wide variety of different Sci-fi shows and movies, there were talks from themcm-london-Anthony-Herd likes of Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Power Rangers, wrestlers and much more, and they had tons of merchandise and souvenirs for the collectors if signatures weren’t your thing. I only stayed for Friday and Saturday of the event so if anything dramatic happened on Sunday I have no idea.

It was a shame that Game Of Thrones star Natalie Dormer cancelled on Friday morning due to scheduling issues, the event was seemingly well organised they had shoots with the games of Thrones throne, the emperors throne and the tardis, but there wasn’t a lot of information on when such things were taking place, seemed to be a bit of pot luck, they also had items from transformers which were very cool, I’ll be including pictures and items from batman also.

I do have a few little complains, such as I had been applying for months about a press pass and the chance to interview a couple of people for the blog, but unfortunately they just decided to ignore all of my emails so it didn’t happen but I got a few signatures and a had a couple of little conversations but nothing really of substance, it’s a little beyond their control but it was so hot inside I don’t mc-london-back-to-the-future-Deleorenknow if maybe they could see about better air con in the building?

Overall I thought it was a good event I really enjoyed meeting a few celebrities and getting signatures and having a look around some of the stalls, even though all I bought really were some more swords to add to my new collection (I got deathstrokes swords) you couldn’t complain about a lack of star power since they had the biggest name in comics there, though I did hear a lot of complaints about it being like a conveyor belt, in sign leave, no talking no pictures of any kind, I suppose though that was down to how many people wanted to see him and his age.

I think I’d go again at some point, I didn’t enjoy the ridiculously long travel and the overall expense but it didn’t make the event any less enjoyable.

mcm-london-bumblebee  mcm-london-Optimus-Prime

Gav Tones

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