22 May 2024
Listen To Paul And Clotilde review Next Goal Wins in The Chronicle film podcast episode 24

The cast of NEXT GOAL WINS. Photo by Hilary Bronwyn Gayle. Courtesy of Searchlight Pictures. © 2023 Searchlight Pictures All Rights Reserved.

Listen To The Chronicle Episode 024 – Next Goal Wins, Ferrari

Ferrari in UK Cinemas 26th December read Simon Lalji's review
I do hope you all had a great Christmas. As ever we cinephiles never stop and neither do we and we have The Chronicle Episode 024, The Peoples Movies is here for your audio pleasure. Myself and Clotilde Chinnici chat about Next Goal Wins and Ferrari.

First film up for review is Takia Waititi‘s Next Goal Wins starring Michael Fassbender. This comedy drama is inspired by the 2014 Documentary of the same name which is about the true story of the American Samoan national football team. Whom in 2001 the team found themselves destroyed thanks to a 31-0 defeat from Australia in a world cup qualifier. Absolutely deflated by the score, the team want to do one thing, score a goal. They look to Thomas Rongen (Fassbender) a football coach not having the best of times in Major League Soccer as the man to deliver what they want…A goal!

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The second and final review is Michael Mann‘s Ferrari starring Adam Driver as our titular character Enzo Ferrari the former Formula One driver turned car company he built over a ten year period with his wife Lara (Penelope Cruz). It’s 1957, Enzo and Lara’s marriage on the verge of collapse, bankruptcy looming over them. Enzo throws everything on the line with hope the iconic Mille Miglia, a treacherous 1,000-mile race across Italy to save the company.

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Both Next Goal Wins and Ferrari are in UK and Irish Cinemas now

Myself and Clotilde also recorded a Best/Worst Films of 2023 episode at the same time as this one. Both sections are in  editing as we speak and will be online shortly.

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