25 May 2024
Listen to the bonus episode of The Chronicle which Paul and Clotilde chat about the worst films 2023

Listen To The Chronicle Bonus Episode – Worst Films 2023

Listen to the bonus episode of The Chronicle which Paul and Clotilde chat about the worst films 2023

Episode 024 of The Chronicle has come with a bonus episode or should I say episodes. I do hope you enjoyed myself and Clotilde Chinnici review Next Goal Wins and Ferrari we bring you  Our Worst and Best Films of 2023.

We recorded this bonus part right after episode 024. We both had a lot to say, we decided to split this new episode into two parts. First up is Worst Films of 2023 can you guess what films Clotilde and Paul will have on there list? There’s a few you’ll expect, some surprising and some might not be officially released. We also give you some films that disappointed us in 2023…

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We will be posting our annual Best and Worst Films list on the site very shortly, which some of the other writers share there own lists.

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