20 May 2024

LIFF 2013 – New Stills And TV Spot For Gravity Drift Online


What else can be said about Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity other than it’s a must see film for all true film fans this November?To kick off today’s fun and frolics we have a set of new images and a TV Spot that delivers more nerve tingling tension most of all excitement.

Gravity is a heart-pounding thriller that pulls you into the infinite and unforgiving realm of deep space. Sandra Bullock and George Clooney star as astronauts Dr Ryan Stone & Matt Kowalsky whose routine spacewalk turns into disaster when their own spaceship is destroyed leaving the pair in a race against time clinging onto life with radio contact for help.

The new spot may show footage we’ve seen before there is a few new tidbits of new stuff to make this one worthwhile but this spot comes with a warning.Whilst Gravity is a film we’re all keen to see we do want to keep the majority of the film for the big screen the promotional assets we’ve had so far are fantastic but could be seen as spoilerish due to the film’s minimalist storyline. If you your wanting to see this in its pure form I may tread carefully however if your keen to see more what you’ll get is fantastic. The images may not show much but what they do is showcase the wonderful cinematography for the film and anyone it’s eagle eyed there is a few clues to what the films protagonists do in order to survive.

We currently have a reviewer over at Toronto Film Festival who caught Gravity so expect a review to come from us soon possibly closer to the films UK&Irish release date which is 18th November. If you can’t hold on long enough next month the film will make it’s UK premier at London Film Festival.

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New Stills 













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