14 June 2024

Join Us! Article / Feature Writers Wanted

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Is film reviewing not really you thing but you still want to be creative and get involved at film site in some type of writing capacity? Here at The People’s Movies  and Cinehouse we’re looking for Article/Feature writers who have the desire to unleash their artistically gifted writing talents on our readers. Picking up the latest film related debates, trends by creating fantastic articles that will get people discussing but most of all entertained. The articles could be something  personal or you have have great passion so you want to share your enjoyment or even frustration .

As for features they can help the promotion of upcoming films (A Most Wanted Man feature could be based on spy thrillers or even top 10 best Phillip Seymour Hoffman movies) or features based on Top 10 (or 5) lists on current film trends. Especially at Cinehouse which covers World Cinema, Independent film, arthouse, classic/Cult films things like Essays , retrospectives based on great actors, filmmakers, the list is endless as are the formats.

We’re looking for someone who can work on there own with very little input from ourselves apart from finding out how things are going, can create at least one  feature/article/essay a week. As in how regular that can be discussed at a later, we also ask you have a love and passion from Hollywood (New and classics) to independent film, from arthouse to horror. If however your passion is  alternative side of mainstream Hollywood Cinehouse will be your choice.

We cannot offer any cash but if it’s experience and a chance to enhance your CV we’ll do our best to offer. If you do want to help out in news stories, trailer posting and even give reviewing a go we can offer those chances too!

We look forward to hearing from you, fill in the contact form below…

Deadline to Join us is 30th October 2014

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