25 May 2024

Is Michael Fassbender heading to the Marvel Universe? Will it Be Marc Webb's Spiderman or Matthew Vaughn's X-Men:First Class?

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Michael Fassbender’s career seems to be on the up at the moment since he appeared in Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds, then he went to British Indie movie FishTank (another sucess) and more recently Centurion (soon Jonah Hex), a very diverse range of movies.

according to Showbiz 411 are reporting Fassbender is been lined up to appear to appear in Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men:First Class as a younger Magneto and in Marc Webb’s reboot of the spiderman franchise he’ll play an unknown villan.  Due to continunity issues he’ll only be able to appear in one of the two which one is uncertain, but if all rumours are true we can say he’ll be playing some part in the Marvel Universe.

As the part he’ll be playing on either movie will need him to be there majority of the movie as he’ll be one of the big characters but  he’ll already have a heavy schedule with current filming with Dangerous Method the Croneberg movie he’s involved in shooting in Europe but he also has Woman In Black along with the adaptation of  Tinker, Tailor, Soldier , Spy also in the pipeline.

With 2 movies to start shooting near end of this year Marc Webb’s Spiderman reboot may fight nicely into Fassbender diary as the movie is not due to be released July 2012 but no lead has been chosen yet so it would be disrespectfull to whoever will play Peter Parker to be chosen second. X-Men: First Class has a summer 2011 release date so the schedule to start filming will be alot tighter and if he takes up the woman in black and tinker tailor solider spy roles he’ll find it tough to maybe fit this role in. The Jane Goldman written movie has already started casting with James McAvoy (Wanted, Last King Of Scotland) to play Proffessor Charles Xavier, Aaron Johnson and Frank Dillane also rumoured to be casted they would be looking for Fassbender to be involved now rather than later unless he has already spoken to them to sort out an agreement.

What part Michael Fassbender takes, he is fast becoming a 2 movie a year actor with Centurion and soon Jonah Hex this year, 2011 Jane Eyre and cronenburg ‘s Dangerous Method we can say his name will be one to watch out in the industry the coming years.

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