25 May 2024

IRON MAN 3, London Press Conference – 17th April, 2013


Like his onscreen alter-ego, Robert Downey Jr has an electrifying presence.  Indeed, as Iron Man 3‘s main cast and crew gathered to discuss the latest instalment in the Marvel superhero franchise, it was Downey who inevitably took centre-stage.  With director Shane Black, producer Drew Pearce and costars Gwyneth Paltrow, Sir Ben Kingsley, Rebecca Hall and Don Cheadle, he explained to the press assembled in the ballroom of London’s Dorchester Hotel, just what they hoped the new film would give fans of the metal man.

After Avengers Assemble (2012) we knew we couldn’t go so much for spectacle“, said Downey.  “We wanted people to come out and have conversations about this movie, on subjects like genetic enhancement (a major theme of the new film).  We wanted a bit more depth.”  Black agreed.  “This is really like the fourth Iron Man movie, if you take Avengers Assemble into account, so we wanted to look at and include what hadn’t been told.  We felt that this time round it was important to generate a film where the story was the most important aspect.  As a result we wanted the feeling of ‘bigness’ to be of less importance.”

The aspect of narrative and characterisation as the driving force behind the story was something which all those present agreed on.  Hall, who plays geneticist Dr Maya Hansen, enforced this when she described her character as, “a driven, tunnel-visioned, scientist“, whilst Paltrow said how much she’s enjoyed playing Tony Stark’s girlfriend Pepper Potts and watch her “evolve in the films over the last six years”.

Being the third film in the franchise, and with several cast members having been in at least one if not both of the previous instalments, it could have been difficult for newcomers Hall and Kingsley to enter into an ‘established family’.  In reality though it appears to have been quite the opposite.  “The welcome by the rest of the cast to me as the new boy was amazing and generous“, said Kingsley, “and I felt completely at home with the script and character“.  Saying that though the camaraderie between those who had worked on the other films was obvious.  “I always have fun with Robert“, enthused Cheadle, “and this film was great to do“.  A point reiterated by Downey.  “I had a great time making this movie, and we’re obviously dong something right“, he said.  “It’s great working with Gwyneth and Don, and now Ben and Rebecca who brought something new to the mix“.

Interest then turned to Paltrow and what she felt she had got from her participation in the famous franchise.  “I had never even heard of Iron Man before I got involved with the films.  I had taken some years off to bring up my family before I was offered the part in the first film.  But being a part of them has been such a great experience“, she explained.  Asked if her husband and young family had seen the new instalment she was equally enthusiastic.  “My husband and kids, along with some of their friends, saw it last night.  I often find it hard to follow the plot when I’m actually doing the film, as you’re doing scenes here and there, and out of order.  So it was amazing to actually see the whole thing complete on the screen, and we all loved it“.

A sentiment which seemed to sum up the feelings of all those involved in the new film, and which should give hope to fans that Iron Man 3 won’t be the last time we see this particular superhero on the big screen.

Cleaver Patterson

Stay tuned next week Cleaver has also watched a preview of the film and its a positive feedback, so watch out for his review shortly.

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