25 May 2024

Interactive Avatar Trailer

Its Just pretty amazing what technology can do these days and its just amazing how quickly things are progressing so it was just the matter of time that someone was going to take the movie trailer to the next level. Well its no surprise that the movie which launches the new era interactive trailer s had to be James Camerons Avatar!

Unfortunately you cant post the trailer online you have to click on the link at bottom of this post which will take you to the offical website of the movie and you must also have the small free adobe systems programme Air as well. Dont worry when you click on the offical website link you’ll be asked if you want to download air, just say yes.

When you play the actual trailer it doesnt contain anything new BUT! there is 11 featurettes included in the trailer which you can click on at any time and get a small behind the scenes look at the characters and other exciting things we’ll expect , pretty spectacular. I’ve never really seen a movie 3D and Im considering going to see this movie 3D, I dont also expect to see the movie on the release day either as this will be pretty full up virtually every screening the first few days.

So boys and girls, children of all ages Uk & Ireland December 17th this is when the godfather of blockbuster movies, the man who gave us Terminator 2 (with cool soundtrack), titanic and Aliens and so on will be back! McG, Michael it’s time to learn how to make a real blockbuster and get back to school and learn from the mast, James Cameron!


Okay I know everyone may not be able to download the trailer no problem, thanks to Trailer Addict below is links to there website so you can watch the featurettes.

FEATURETTES: NO.1 | NO.2 | NO.3 | NO.4 | NO.5 | NO.6 | NO.7 | NO.8 | NO.9 | N.10 | NO.11



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