25 May 2024

Independence Day could be finally returning to the big screen in 2 sequels!!!

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Yesterday  we got the news that one of Rolland Emerich’s other ‘disaster’ movies Godzilla will be getting remade but instead of been a disaster it will be created more towards the original. Today we here about probably emmerichs best movie Independence Day could be returning for the long overdue sequel as well as a third movie!!!

You have to go all the way back 14 years to 1996 since the first movie came out and the talk started back then that a follow up movies would be made a few years later but that never materialised. So when IESB  reported that 20th century fox has got the ball moving again I’m sure many of you guys despite the movies cheesiness do want to see and second movie and now a third one possibly. According to  Latino Review  the delay to the movie is all down Will Smith’s high demanding  as they beleive to be around $20million mark and down to the sucess of Avatar it looks like the studio is willing to pay the odds to get smith play Captain Steve Hiller once again . Rolland Emmerich seems will also been directing but his original writing partner from movie 1 Dean Devlin hasn’t been mentioned to write the script for movie 2 or 3 despite having the idea of doing a sequel away back in 1996 and both men parted each other away back in 2000 after the Patriot

The question people will ask, if this gossip is 100% true when will the movie start filming? It’s believed Fox want it to start filming in 2011 after Emmerich’s Shakesphere inspired movie  Anonymous starring Vanessa Redgrave, Rhys Ifans and David Thewlis. As in in 2011 it starts is another question as the movies possible lead Will Smith is at a crossroads on what projects to work on next with a Men in Black 3 movie on the cards as well.

Like 2012 we know Emmerich’s movies are cheesy over the top CGI Blockbusters with a sole purpose to entertain, so if the movies gets an reaction from the viewer its’s entertained to some degree. So you may ask do people want to see another ID movie after 14 year hiatus? If they do what would the story be about?  Would the aliens come back for revenge when they’ve already destroyed the worlds cities ? All I can see from this is a revenge story done in a similar way to V when mini series 1 ended the aliens returned right away or it could be new aliens,? If the movie is to start filming in 2011 well they have a long time to try sort a story out.

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