25 May 2024

In Body Brokers UK Trailer It’s “Capitalism Baby”

Signature Entertainment has released the Official UK Trailer for upcoming indie crime Thriller, Body Brokers starring Frank Grillo. As drug addicts looking for rehab find themselves thrown into the lions den of multibillion fraud. That’s Capitalism Baby!

Body Brokers tells the story of Utah and Opal, a couple of junkies looking for rehab. when they meet enigmatic Wood (Michael K. Williams), he coaxes them into helping out, he soon learns he’s not helping people. He’s been swayed into a multibillion dollar fraud operation.

Inspired by director John Swab‘s (Run With The Hunted) own personal experience. He was a junky living on the streets, now directing a film looks darkly comedic and totally bonkers!


The true and untold story of a multi-billion dollar fraud on the healthcare system, where drug addicts and dealers became millionaires overnight.

For Utah, a recovering addict, meeting Vin (Frank Grillo – Captain America: The Winter Soldier) would change his life forever. As he embraces sobriety, he soon learns that this business of treatment is not so clean. Now he knows its money-making secret, he wants in.

Corporate greed bends a knee to remarkable minds who took extraordinary lengths to make a quick buck but ended up some of the richest men in America.

The film also stars Jack Kilmer, Michael K. Williams, Jessica Rothe, Alice Englert, Peter Greene, Owen Campbell, Sam Quartin, Thomas Dekker.

Signature Entertainment will release Body Brokers in the UK and Ireland on all Digital Platforms from 8th March.

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