15 June 2024
From A Bird Flew In out 30th September in UK Cinemas

BTS photos from the film 'Alone' 13/07/2020 Dirceted by Kirsty Bell, Produced by Ben Charles Edwards for Goldfinch Films. Actress Camilla Rutherford. Photo by Chris Lopez

In ‘A Bird Flew In’ UK Trailer Lives Will Never Be The Same

23rd March 2020 (for some earlier or even later) our lives changed forever when Covid-19 pandemic destroyed humanity. Our daily lives stopped and so did our favourite pastime films too, and Kirsty Bell‘s A Bird Flew In reflects life stopping. Today Goldfinch Films have sent us the UK/Festival trailer for the emotional UK indie drama, when production stops for a film and the actors are sent home… Alone!

Shot in black and white in a cinema verité style, the film itself tells the story of when lockdown is imposed, and the cast and crew of a film are taken from the set and sent home – alone. Actors without an audience. Directors without a script. Couples fall apart while others come together. A feature film composed of six interlinked narratives, A Bird Flew In explores what happens when we are freed from external distractions and forced to find the meaning in our lives and loves.

This is a film that’s conceived thanks to the pandemic. Capturing the pressure cooker of stress, loneliness and emotions that we all felt during the main crux of the pandemic…

March 23: the day Lockdown is imposed. The cast and crew of a busy feature film hurriedly shoot their final scene while simultaneously striking the set. After the director calls cut, they are all sent home – alone – where they are forced to find meaning in their lives and loves.

The film is composed as a series of concentric circles, actions rippling outwards from this central event: with each set of characters we capture key moments, across five time bands each exactly a fortnight apart. All these scenes are interlinked and co-dependent.

The film stars Derek Jacobi, Jeff Fahey, Julie Dray, Sophie Kennedy Clark, Sadie Frost, Morgana Robinson, Camilla Rutherford, Michael Winder and Frances Barber.

A Bird Flew In will make it’s UK Premiere at next month’s Raindance Film Festival from 5th November.

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