22 May 2024

First Teaser Trailers For Psycho Tv Prequel Series Bates Motel

The next few months are going to be a great time for fans of the master of suspense  Alfred Hitchcock with 2 films coming out one on the big screen Hitchcock (Anthony Hopkins) early next year before then we have The Girl (Toby Jones). Sometime in 2013 Hitchcock’s classic Psycho  has been made into a prequel  television series called Bates Motel and tonight A&E  have released 2 promo trailers for the series which reveal the series is rather twisted .

British actor Freddie Highmore plays the legendary Norman Bates with Vera Farmiga playing his mother Norma, Bates Motel looks into the origins of Norman, his dark twisted childhood and moulded him into the serial killer we know all about. If your wondering how could you keep a series compelling just in a hotel for so long? The series will expand into the town  the motel is based in. The first impression of  the trailers there’s a very big Twin Peaks vibe to the series which is perfect vibe as Twin Peaks was simply surreal, twisted very dark perfect to fester Norman darkside.

Bates Motel comes from Lost writer Carlton Cuse, Friday Night Lights Kelly Ehrin, no word on when or if the series will arrive in UK do expect it no longer after the American release, channel to be confirmed though this has FX or Sky Atlantic written all over it.


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