13 June 2024
The Real Lee Miller

First Look At Kate Winslets As ‘Lee Miller’ in Lee

Kate Winslet will be going to war as the pioneering American war correspondent, Lee Miller. Today Sky have released the first official image of Winslet as Miller in Lee. Shot during filming on location in Croatia, shows the actress as the pioneering American war correspondent and photographer who covered WWII in Europe for British Vogue.

Joining Winslet is  Andy Samberg as Life Magazine photographer David E. Scherman. Alexander Skarsgård as English Surrealist painter, photographer, poet Roland Penrose. Marion Cotillard playing Solange D’Ayen, the fashion director of French Vogue and close friend of Miller’s. Josh O’Connor playing Tony, a young journalist and Andrea Riseborough playing British Vogue Editor Audrey Withers.
Kate Winslet as Lee Miller
Filming is currently underway on the directorial debut from acclaimed cinematographer Ellen Kuras. The film is not a biopic, instead it explores the most significant decade of Lee Miller’s life. As a middle-aged woman, she refused to be remembered as a model and male artists’ muse. Lee Miller defied the expectations and rules of the time and travelled to Europe to report from the frontline.

There, in part as a reaction to her own well-hidden trauma, she used her Rolleiflex camera to give a voice to the voiceless. What Lee captured on film in Dachau and throughout Europe was shocking and horrific. Her photographs of the war, its victims and its consequences remain among the most significant and historically important of the second world war. She changed war photography forever, but Lee paid an enormous personal price for what she witnessed and the stories she fought to tell.

Kate Winslet, commented “To me, she was a life force to be reckoned with, so much more than an object of attention from famous men with whom she is associated. This photographer, writer, reporter, did everything she did with love, lust, and courage, and is an inspiration of what you can achieve, and what you can bear, if you dare to take life firmly by the hands and live it at full throttle.”

Additional cast members include Noemie Merlant playing Nusch Eluard. Arinzé Kene  playing Major Jonesy; Vincent Colombe playing Paul Eluard, Patrick Mille  playing Jean D’Ayen. Samuel Barnett playing Cecil Beaton and Zita Hanrot  playing Ady Fidelin.

Sky haven’t announced exactly when they will release Lee. Expect the release will be sometime in 2023.




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