19 May 2024

First Artwork For Spike Lee’s Oldboy is revealed


Today over the Atlantic in Las Vegas the annual Cinema Con, a convention where  American cinema owners get a preview of what films they can expect to show on their screens. For an cinephile its an exciting look at the upcoming films promo material and one film caught our eye was Spike Lee‘s Oldboy remake and below we have a first look at the films artwork.

To anyone who hasn’t seen the original 2003 cult Chan-wook Park version (I recommend seeing it before you watch Spike Lee’s version) the artwork may not mean much. However if you have seen it  the ’20 years’ refers to how long Josh Brolin‘s character is held captive though the difference is in the Korean version its only 15 years and  If your not familiar with the plot of Oldboy let me explain.

Brolin plays Advertising executive called Joe who on the night of his daughter’s birthday he is kidnapped and held captive for 20 years with any explanation on who is responsible and why. When he is unceremoniously released he gets the help from an social worker (Elizabeth Olsen) to track down an elusive man (Sharlto Copely) wh he believes has the key to all his answers.

The artwork does the job teasing  you from all angles, the test will be the actual first footage as this film is sacred ground for hardcore fans so fingers crossed the long wait will be worth it. No exact UK release date yet however 11th October has been set for USA so will mean a trailer will be  coming soon, Oldboy also stars Samuel L. Jackson andJames Ransone.


Source: Collider

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