13 June 2024
Nicolas Cage in The Old Way out in UK Cinemas and Digital

Nicolas Cage as Colton Briggs in "The Old Way"

Film Review – The Old Way (2023)

When it comes to a western, I’ve always been indifferent, not a massive fan but of course it is a part of cinema that has endless classics, generics and oddities, place this one into the latter with added category of obvious limited budget.

Apparently as mentioned in marketing for The Old Way, this is the first dusty horse opera for star Nicolas Cage,.

Thirty years prior Nic appeared in riveting 1993 neo-noir-western Red Rock West; however, here is a traditional tale of the wild west in which he plays former gunslinger, now family man farmer Colton Briggs. Putting the six-shooters away in the name of love has had a calming effect on lifestyle, until tragedy strikes.

Terrifying ruthless killer instincts of Colton return with revenge on his mind after a gang of hayseed hicks roll through town murdering his wife.

He sets out on an odyssey with quietly spoken daughter Brooke by his side to take down the posse, also whilst teaching her how to become bait and shoot to kill if the need may arise.

The duo bond remarkably well learning from each other elevating emotional levels of calmness before the inevitable blazing finale. Impressive in Firestarter (2022) novice soon to be screen star Ryan Kiera Armstrong, is exceptional as Brooke, holding down dramatic poise with undisputed icon Cage.

Complete poise and believability build her up to a heart palpitating climax.

Impressive Noah Le Gros, seen in underrated, The Beach House (2019) notably also son of the great James Le Gros; is invigorating in a small role here, whilst ice cream man Clint Howard as Eustice, commits another weird fulfilling performance.

Experienced Sion Michel. captures cinematic authenticity around glorious Montana plains and making the most of presumably a cheap backlot set.

The Old Way is fine, one for Nicolas completists or die-hard fans of the old west.


Western, Action | USA, 2023 | 15 | Cinema, Digital | 13th January 2023 (UK) | Altitude Film | Dir. Brett Donowho | Nicolas Cage, Clint Howard, Abraham Benrubi, Nick Searcy, Noah Le Gros, Kerry Knuppe, Ryan Kiera Armstrong, Shiloh Fernandez

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