14 June 2024
Makeup out to own 27th June on Digital 27th June

Film Review – Makeup (2023)

In a journey of transformative self-discovery backed by an unusual, supportive friendship, this is a movie that will take viewers into the world of underground transexual performance art and soul searching. Written, edited, starring, produced and directed by wholehearted Hugo Andre, his opus looks at multiple story strands including, fine dining.

His quietly spoken food critic character Sacha may be low on social skills but advocates dedication.

Moving into a share house owned by recently divorced Dan (Will Masheter) stockbroker by day and soon to be revealed, dancer by night.

Dan performs at a unique, darkly lit club as part of the Midnight Mistresses Cabaret troupe, in which he is spotted on one particular occasion by his egotistical office co-workers that eventually causes a ripple effect by his spooked boss.

Sacha and Dan have shared moments through dance, conversation and food, particularly a deadpan peanut butter soup eating scene.

This is no Tootsie (1982) or Priscilla Queen of the Desert (1994) however, not too far from Kinky Boots (2005).

Makeup is as flamboyant as it is lowkey.

Yes, there’s strong issues of discipline, love and expression on show here, also deep emotional threads of just being a mate or accepting of personality style, under whatever way one lives their life.

Terrific acting by the leads gains momentum through their opposites attract chemistry, two blokes from different worlds with similar identification and due diligence of respect, especially by the end.

Obviously an opus by Andre, a passion project with lasting effect, an intriguing indie well worth a watch.


Comedy, Drama | UK, 2023 | 15 | Digital HD | 26th June (UK) 27th June (Worldwide) | Freestyle Digital Media | Dir. Hugo André | Hugo André, Will Masheter, Kent Goldfinch, Zak Watson Smith, Adam Starkey,

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