22 June 2024
The Animals from DC League Of Super-pets

Film Review – DC League of Super Pets (2022)

DC League of Super Pets is basically an origins story, and we all love an origins story.

It follows the life of “Krypto”, the best friends to superman and he, like superman, has superpowers. Like many relationships between a man and his dog, things start to get a little strained when Lois Lane comes into the picture and Clark wants to marry her.

Superman gets it in his head that Krypto needs a companion, a dog friend and this is where the story really begins, in the pet store where the other “heroes” of the story live.

There is a bald guinea pig who is as evil as Lex and sets out to destroy “krypton” and superman for her beloved Lex Luthor, and for me, she’s the star of the show! Crazy as a box of frogs, she gains the superpowers that Lex could never obtain and sets out for world domination – a bald guinea pig.

I feel this film would work well with any actors playing the parts and isn’t partially amazing because of Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart’s chemistry. I am not sure the banter you often see between them in films comes across particularly amazingly in this one.

I did feel this film had a slight Toy Story feel to it, not only because of the bickering between the two dogs that can be associated with Buzz and Woody’s characters, but Ace, played by Kevin Hart, gives a flash back as to why he ended up being given away and it broke me the same as Jessie broke me.

As the film goes on, Superman and Krypto are in trouble, so the Justice League come to the “rescue”. I am loving the background music at this stage of the film. Each theme tune is played as the characters are on screen, Wonder Woman obviously being my favourite.

Considering Natasha Lyonne has quite a distinctive voice, I never picked up on the fact it was her playing Merton the Tortoise, the very naughty swearing tortoise I might add. It is bleeped-out deliberately but that didn’t stop my son sitting there with his mouth wide open!

I felt the film seemed longer than it actually was. It lasts 1hr 45minutes, but as it’s a superhero movie, there is a lot of back story, plot explanations and talking points, which usually don’t keep my son’s attention – it’s all action or nothing with him – but through the most part he sat through it, laughing a lot.

It is a good watch, not one I would have on repeat but I’m not a huge DC fan. While it is for children more so than adults, my inner child did enjoy it – except Ace’s backstory – that is going to take some time to heal. Be warned dog lovers!

I’m sure DC fans will enjoy the League of Super-Pets.


Animation, Action | USA, 2022 | PG | Home Premiere ,Now/ Blu-ray, DVD 10th October | Warner Bros Home Video | Dir. Jared Stern, Sam J. Levine | Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Kate McKinnon, Natasha Lyonne

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