22 June 2024
Colonials coming to UK Digital from Reel 2 Reel Films 10th April 2023

Film Review – Colonials (2023)

When the rousing music began through quite impressive opening credits, I was surprisingly impressed hoping the joy would continue. Colonials, is all ambitious ideas within a rapid-fire galactic adventure constantly entertaining, the alert filmmakers have good intentions with their micro budget put to acceptable use.

Eccentric pilot, Silas (Greg Kriek) on a mission from Mars is attacked by a moon-based group known as Exiles, crashing to Earth waking up without a memory of who he is or why he is there.

Silas is assisted reluctantly by the local humans, who whisk him off to safety and into hiding until he can figure out his unknown identity. Meanwhile, the rich aristocratic parents of Silas are back on Mars worrying about their missing boy but seemingly doing very little to actually follow that up.

Silas is a lone survivor, unique among the humans’, learning cultures and ‘the old way’ but Exiles are in hot pursuit, ready to ambush and finish him.

Attempted comedy by hyperactive Kriek is constantly irritating. I’m guessing the character is supposed to be gratingly stupid, he is and not in a ‘Dumb & Dumber’ good way. At times Silas does look like Vanilla Ice, in his ‘Cool as Ice’ heyday. Designs of weapons and space cruisers or fighter ships are efficiently detailed.

A reference to iconic droid R2D2 should not have been inserted, Does that mean Star Wars, is a fictional story in this universe or Colonials is based in the same galaxy, far, far away. The space station featured reminded me somewhat of 2001 A Space Odyssey, possibly an extremely broad homage. Sometimes dialogue annoyingly sounded like the actors were in an echo-chamber whilst a few of the ‘special effects’ looked uncanny to TRON (1982) that’s a compliment but this is lightyears of distance from a technological, cinematic trailer blazer.

Was a pleasure to see Biscuit, from retro punk western Dudes (1987) veteran Daniel Roebuck, pop up in a thankless role, he may be not at that The Fugitive (1993) or Money Talks (1997) levels of excellence, but he’s still terrific.

Spirited and buoyant Allie Ayers as Raven, totally deserves her own character spin-off feature, maybe a prequel. This spectacular multi-talent was also responsible for the cosmic wardrobe worn by all.

Definitely worth a watch in curiosity by sci-fi nerds, it’s mostly OK and thankfully under 90 min.

★ 1/2

Sci-Fi | USA, 2023 | 15 | Digital HD | 17th April 2023 (UK) | R2R Films | Dir. Andrew Balek, Joe Bland | Greg Kriek, Sean Kanan, Daniel Roebuck, Jon Provost, Allie Ayers Lindsey

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