15 June 2024

Feel That Sinking Friday Feeling With 2 Clips From TITANIC 3D

Twentieth Century Fox have today made available from James Cameron’s newly re-mastered Titanic, alongside two nostalgic clips. Nostalgia is a big thing these days especially when it comes to old films most would be  regarded as ‘classics’ others classic for the wrong reasons, simply there terrible.

On April 6th one of those classic films will make a return to our big screens TITANIC for 2 reasons. This year marks the 100th Anniversary of the sinking of the ship and this film is the baby of none other than James Cameron the godfather of 3D so no surprise the re-release of Titanic is going to be in 3D! With technology so called improved since the early days, like a certain George Lucas $$$ maybe at force here however Cameron’s film is alot superior to that recent Star Wars episode 1 so fair enough. I’m curious to see how Cameron deals with a post conversion, will it falter like all the other previous post converted flicks or just people don’t care just wanting to see the Titanic on the big screen again!

Twentieth Century Fox have sent us 2 clips called ‘Are You Ready To Go Back To Titanic?’ and ‘Rose’s Arrival’ which should help you have some nostalgic memory down lane. April 6th is the day the Titanic sails for the cinematic screens once again.

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