22 May 2024

Fee, Fye, Foe, Fumm & Fallon I Smell 5 New Jack The Giant Slayer Posters

The fairytale story that made you think twice exchanging things for seeds Jack & The Beanstalk no know as Jack The Giant Slayer is creeping closer to its release date and today we have ‘giant-tastic’ posters. The epic retelling of the Jack marks the directorial return for Bryan Singer an epic film in scale but what else do you expect from Mr Singer? The previous posters, marketing have all really been focused lately on us mere humans but as Jack is a giant slayer its about we see a little more of the giant but this new adventure it’s giants and we meet Fee, Fye, Foe, Fumm & General  Fallon. As you can see there not a pretty bunch or even friendly individuals you want to meet any time of the day!

Jack The Giant Slayer tells the story of an ancient war is reignited when a young farmhand Jack unwittingly opens a gateway between our world and a fearsome race of giants. Unleashed on the Earth for the first time in centuries, the giants strive to reclaim the land they once lost, forcing the young man, Jack (Nicholas Hoult), into the battle of his life to stop them. Fighting for a kingdom and its people, and the love of a brave princess, he comes face to face with the unstoppable warriors he thought only existed in legend… and gets the chance to become a legend himself.

Check the new posters below….

Update– we have a new poster which isn’t of a giant but shows Jack standing at the entrance shaped like a giant’s face opened the mouth of a waterfall really capturing the sense of adventure we can expect from the film. Looking at the the poster if your expecting just your  e bye gum country bumpkins, shinning knights only you’ll get that and something a little more tropical too! Its a poster you may expect to see Indian Jones or Lara Croft but Jack The Giant Slayer?

Jack The Giant Slayer be another highly expensive 3D mess? All will be revealed on March 22nd 2013, the film also stars Nicholas HoultEleanor Tomlinson, Bill Nighy, Warwick Davies, John KassarEwen Bremner, Ian McShane,Ewan McGregor, Eddie Marsan.

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