19 June 2024

Federico Zampaglione’s New Short ‘Bianca’ Is A Family Affair

Whilst we maybe a bit more confused with Boris Johnson’s speech, there’s still no sight to the ending of the Lockdown. One thing many of us seem to get is more creative like Italian musician and film director Federico Zampaglione.

He decided  to get the camera out and create his latest movie is BIANCA. The movie is a stylishly violent short horror thriller, shot in lockdown in Italy on his iPad in three days and starring his ten year old daughter Linda in the title role and his partner, actress Giglia Marra.

The film is obviously in the director’s native tongue. So if you’re Italian isn’t great,  click on the CC button (looks also like a white square with braille) to get English subtitles…

The story, which centres on the tense, unpredictable relationship between a girl and her mother at home, was co-written by Zampaglione and Gianluigi Perrone.

Federico said today: “My daughter was getting a little bored being at home for so long with nothing entertaining to do, so I suggested to her and my girlfriend Giglia, that we do a little film – have some fun together and stay in a better mood. It’s very important right now to stay positive through the tough times we are going through. On top of this I had the occasion to get back to my old love…The Horror”.

So before you decide to give up to the boredom, have a look around your home. Is there something there or something you could use creatively? Before you look enjoy Federico’s short film Bianca!

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