20 June 2024
From Shapeless (2021)

Fear The Monster Within Body Horror Shapeless UK Trailer

Lightbulb Film Distribution have released UK Trailer for Shapeless. The indie body horror that teases us to fear the monster within!

Samantha Aldana‘s film made it’s world premiere at last year’s Tribeca Film Festival. Touring the festival circuit including Raindance and now set for it’s Digital premiere next month.

The film stars Kelly Murtagh (The Lovebirds, The Purge TV Series) who plays Ivy. She’s a struggling Jazz singer based in New Orleans who crippled by dread and personal demons. Threatening to turn her already struggling life into a living nightmare.

This is a film about identity and addiction especially eating disorders. Anyone who has suffered this disease or knows someone it’s a nightmare. No true words can truly describe that suffering. Lightbulb Film Distribution are calling this an ‘elevated’ genre film which gives you an idea the style of the film. Body horror was also mentioned could we be thinking Shapeless will have a big Cronenbergian influence?

Ivy is desperate to pursue her dream of becoming a jazz singer in New Orleans. But when she isn’t performing, she is filled with a crippling dread, and personal demons threaten to turn her into something monstrous.

This film stars Kelly Murtagh, Bobby Gilchrist, Jamie Neumann, Marco Dapper, Erika Ashley, Gralen Bryant Banks, and Zardis Nichols.

Shapeless will be available to Own or Rent (AppleTV, Amazon, Sky Store, Google Play Virgin Media and RakutenTV) from 19th September.

Shapeless UK Artwork

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