22 June 2024

Exclusive Trailer/Featurette For David McKenzie’s Perfect Sense

This Friday sees the release of David MacKenzie’s Perfect Sense and The Good folks at Sigma Films have sent us this fantastic new exclusive  Trailer – featurette.

Perfect Sense – in cinemas nationwide October 7th. Perfect Sense is the story of chef (Ewan McGregor) and a scientist (Eva Green) who begin to fall in love as the world begins to fall apart, featuring a beautiful score by Max Richter (Waltz with Bashir, Shutter Island)

Hit the green button to watch an ‘exclusive’ featurette where Director David Mackenzie and composer Max Richter discuss what motivates the score for Perfect Sense.

McGregor stars as Michael, the head chef at a swanky Glasgow restaurant, and Eva Green as Susan, an aloof epidemiologist who catches his eye and is hearing reports across the world of people inexplicably losing their senses. They embark on a sensual adventure that sees them experiencing new and unforeseen depths of feeling and moments of pure connection. But is this because they are falling in love or is it because the world as they know it is beginning to fall apart?

Perfect Sense also stars Ewan Bremner , Connie Neilsen and Ewan MaGregor’s uncle Denis Lawson, lookout for the movie’s review, it is a fantastic movie a movie to check out if your looking especially for something a little more independent and British!

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