22 May 2024

“Welcome To My World!” is what I was hearing in my head whilst I worked away in Greece and its a little ditty I keep hearing all the time actually when things get stressed with other people noticing yeah that is a stressful job or even when things are good. Well its 1 month now since i’ve been back in UK and happily working again on the blog though I would have eventually got time in Greece to do the blog minus movie reviews (which Ill talk about later), so I thought would nice to do a editoral and get out a few things.

I’ll start with trailers, today I finally got the trailers updated, I wont say it’s 100% perfect but 99.5% of the trailers which I missed during the period in Greece have been posted in the trailers page the others where trailers that where already posted but i never got round to creating a graphic link but they have them now. You’ll notice some when you click on the graphics the trailer opens up in the browser they are the trailers I missed whilst I was away tpo get back to the trailer page just click on your browsers back button. If however i did post them with a description I would have do seperete posts and it likely most of you may have watched them elese where so the option I used was more logical. I am going to try post a graphic a lot quicker (within 24-48 hours) but any time your looking for a specific trailer just type in the movie name in the search box and it’ll post the results. I am also looking at a simpiler way to present the trailers on the page possibly a poster graphic along with text inks maybe the future option so amlittle experimenting may happen over the next few weeks.

Im going to keep with the look of the blog and over the summer I am looking at upgrading the blog changing it to a dotcom or docodotuk. Its early days but doing this will help promote the blog at a higher level, also lets me change the look of the site to my preferences let me bring in some revenue, scripts little extras to help you guys navigate around the blog as well as contribute easier. With the web address changing will increase more great news,trailer, movie goodies coming my way rather than I search things out which I do enjoy and will still do even if it happens. The blog isnt going to be a full time job, more a full time hobby, a  chance to enjoy a passion of mines even more, more recognition I get the better for you guys especially for reviews which you know aren’t my quickest posts. Sadly ive missed getting a few reviews out but thankfully over the summer some of those movies will become DVD reviews (look out for The Lovely Bones review this week) and there might even be press passes I can give out to you guys for to review possible screenings near you, but we’ll talk about that when things are more clearer.

I’m going back to reviews, they seem to be my achillies heel. I’m very slow in getting my thoughts on movies, some people are like that they need time to put the correct review down thats not a problem. its just it takes too long sometimes and the review sometimes come irrelevent, so thats why I always ask you guys to help out. The peoples movies is for everyone, you got views on a movie recently watched write a review and even if you write a review for a popular or a movie peopleloathe but you think the oppsite, its your view your entitled to it! I have made this plea many time s sadly its felt on deathear, i created this blog in the purpose to give people the chance and no matter how many times I say it along with the requests for more reviews nothing happens. 99% reviews are myself going to the cinema to pay not screeners (the dvd copy of new movies sent to websites for reviews from film studios). I do get the odd screener but i cant always rely on that and at the moment i am unemployed its difficult to go every week to cinema to see one movie but requests  for reviews of several movies its impossible. So please help out I maybe a UK based movie blog reviews are welcomed where ever your from, so if the movie isnt out in uk/ireland I just hold your review off to nearer the date….its your platform for movie reviews!!!

You’ll notice that the film4 Frightfest 2010 line up has been annouced I’ve posted the press release on this blog, I am hoping to create another page for it with all the movie info, trailers etc and any other links of use to you guys to give the best coverage once again I am unable to go in person though I may try and get some screeners or maybe get some press passess all early doors ill tell you soon if sucessfull.

A belated 90th Birthday! to Ray HarryHausen the special effects master who created many of the greatest  movie effects, creatures of many movies in 1950’s,60s, 70’s and even 1980’s with Clash of the titans (1981) and Jason and the argonauts (1965) 2 movies I remember he created. When you see his works now they make look very dated, tired but they where the works in the day and if there wasn’t ray harryhausen 99% of the special effects artists of today would not exist now, we salute you mr harryhausen!

As some of you may know I also have Cinehouse UK my other movie blog which focuses on the great indie movies, movies from around the world, arthouse, classics and our favourites the weird and wonderfull! maybe not as updated and followed as this blog but just as passionite and dedicated. So a new section starting from tomorrow (6th) on a weekly basis (next one on sunday, then every sunday after) I am going to do a weekly round up post collecting all the posts of the week. I want to get this blog up there with the peoples movies, your help is greatful as well.

you’ll notice I have a few widgets on the sidebar one is Wikio and a number, well Wikio.co.uk is a uk based website which every month creates a top 60 of the best movie blogs in uk and of course thanks to you guys I am regarded as one of the top 60. The scoring is done on content, qaulity, viewers plus a number of many other topics and  since I joined the list the blog has been around rated 54th-58th best and upto June 30th 57th. But thanks to you guys I have jumped the biggest number of places, 27! the best jump this month bewteen the blogs to been the 30th best movie blog in UK, so thank you to all of you please keep supporting and ill return the favour. for most of 2009 my average rating was 500 visits a day but now its 1,000-1,300 a day average 10,000 visitors a week, keep it up and lets aim for top 10!!!

I may do a article on 3d very shortly and may have a poll connected and would be greatful for your views on the matter which seemsto be involved virtually every single movie coming out, but is it worth it? maybe we’ll find out, you can send me your views as well to the usual place of emailing me at thepeoplesmovies@gmail.com .

One final thing I will be doing some redesigning, experimenting with new  templetes so please beware there maybe some disruption and I forgot Ive been asked why sometimes when I post new trailers/videos which have several videos in one post. Due to the nature of my account I have to go via vodpod a website I post my embedded content to then I create my post but any posts with more than one video I have post sepretely, so if you see a unamed post appear then dissappear that’s what is, plus if you give me about 5-10 minutes after its posted the full post will be ready.

anyway guys I dont know when the next post will be, possibly september time and if it is have a great summer holiday and enjoy the movies and this blog! bye!

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