14 July 2024

Dwayne Johnson To Layeth The Smacketh Down in Journey To The Cehtre Of The Earth 2

In the 1990’s early 2000’s we where used to seeing Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Layeth The Smacketh Down on the candy asses at WWE before his transition into the movieworld. We cant say his previous movies have been blockbusters and even at one point he wanted to be the new arnold scwharzernegger, we all laughed a little but now according to Heat Vision he’s inline to be the next be The next Brendan Fraser?!

The report say’s Johnson is in talks to play in the sequel to Journey to The Centre of The Earth which is to be called Journey 2: Mysterious Island and Newline cinema want him to replace the dropped Brendan Fraser.

Josh Hutcherson will return as Sean Anderson with the rock stepping into the shoes of the vaccated Fraser as Sean’s Mum boyfriend and the pair have to go onsearch for the missing grandfather (oh wouldnt that have been cool if that was the kegendary Doug McClure!! sadly he is no longer with us!), but I thought explorers would know there way around the world?!

According to the report Heat Vision say 3 more lead  characters to be casted with  the script, written by Richard Outten, Brian Gunn and Mark Gunn with director Brad Peyton(Cats and Dogs 2) on board to direct. The movie  is loosely adapted from Jules Verne’s tome The Mysterious Island and its hoped the movie will start production late next month in North Carolina and Hawaii. The first movie was released in 3D just before the overkill of 3D movies came in and it took in $250million worldwide despite the reported conflicts in making the movie and this one will follow suit too.

With the upcoming release of The Other Guys along March 2011 release of Faster Dwayne Johnson hasn’t given up on the old family adventure after the sucess of  Race To Witch Mountain keeping his options opened but as many people who have said to me in times gone by ‘dont take or accept everything its thrown in front of you’ and thats a wise line maybe Johnson should think about  too.

source EMPIRE

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