20 July 2024


In the summer apart from the weather I do really love working on the blog especially during May until early August. The reason is down to this been the time when I get the chance to post lots of great news, images and of course Trailers as there from the Uk’s best Horror Fantasy Film Festival, Frightfest. Last summer there was one movie that really caught my eye and when I was given the chance to check the movie out I could turn the chance down, Johannes Roberts debut Feature ‘F’.

David Schofield (Pirates of The Caribbean, Valkyrie) plays troubled teacher Robert Anderson who turns to alcohol after a bloody attack on a disgruntled student. Roberts life is a mess and just seems to be sliding down the downward spiral, even his disgruntled daughter Kate (Eliza Bennett) even can’t stand him, now comes the so called ‘fun part’ of the movie.

F is a bad, bad movie when it could have simply been a movie with lots of potentials. F’s concept & Story felt like someone had ripped it apart and then decided to attempt to piece the script together and made an even bigger mess. Characterisation is so bad that Robert & Kate’s relationship is the closest to any type developed characters though that was lacklustre and its takes half of the movie to realise that the pair is related.

This is a Hoodie Horror which at first actually does its job by building that tension creating a claustrophobic psychological chiller that crumbles in front of us after the brutal deaths coming very forgettable. So where do these nameless hoodie beast come from? Was this movie a revenge one? Looking back at the evidence we can assume it was, But who were the culprits you can paste together the disgruntled student who attacked Robert Anderson at the start of the movie is responsible. But you need to be psychic to guess as were given no evidence, so when the movie ends your left as confused as the Australian cricket Captain on why the ponies won the Test so easily.

Looking at F Roberts tries to make the movie into some sort of social commentary highlighting the past few years problems with irate students, even Hoodies brutally attacking other students and teachers (especially). There are so much red tape and bureaucracy that many victims (teachers) are been treated like the guilty party simply due to them doing theIR jobs and some fatcat scared of irate parents and loosing their finance.

There was a few jumpy moments, as well as the odd gory moment in the movie but sadly turning into forgettable dross which could have been better. The movie had fantastic potential Which Johannes Robert decided not to grab the bull by the horns to make full use of the potential but what we got was forgettable movie which had a few scary moments but more unexplained points that made movie that would have Mulder and Scully very jealous, the truth is out there but it’s sadly not in F.

[rating=1] | Paul Devine

Horror, Thriller | UK, 2010 | 18 | 10th January 2011 (UK) | Studiocanal | Dir.Johannes Roberts | David Schofield, Eliza Bennett, Ruth Gemmell, Juliet Aubrey | Buy: F [DVD] [2010]

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