14 June 2024

Dive Into Worlds Unknown At ARROW in April

IN April, ARROW delivers Naked Lunch In 4K, explores the weird and wonderful world of slime mould, unleashes Nic Cage, And more!

Spring is in the air and April is knocking on the door and at ARROW they will invite us to delve into worlds unknown. Invite you to lunch, explore slime, Japanese auteur Nobuhiko Ôbayashi and unleash your Cage Rage all on the ultimate  alternative streaming service.

David Cronenberg’s adaptation of William S. Burroughs’ cult 1959 novel. Starring Peter Weller and Judy Davis, and featuring outlandish visuals and unforgettable creature effects melded with a discombobulating nightmare jazz score, this is an absolute one-of-a-kind film that will burrow into your brain and never leave…

Next month also sees the addition of The Creeping Garden, an award-winning feature-length documentary exploring the extraordinary world of the plasmodial slime mould, as revealed through the eyes of the fringe scientists, mycologists and artists who work with them. Long overlooked by biologists, in recent years this curious organism has become the focus of much research in such areas as biological-inspired design, emergence theory, unconventional computing and robot engineering, much of which borders on the world of science fiction. The film depicts these otherworldly lifeforms using startling time-lapse macro-cinematography to reveal hidden facets of the world around us.

Showing on ARROW are four films from legendary Japanese director Nobuhiko Ôbayashi, a cinema pioneer whose career spanned sixty years and dozens of films. Immerse yourself into the wonderful, visionary world of Ôbayashi with the intriguing sci-fi fantasies School in the Crosshairs and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, the dazzling magical adventure The Island Closest to Heaven, and the romantic drama His Motorbike, Her Island.

Seasons in April include Cage Rage, a fantastic triple bill of films starring the Oscar-winning meme icon and cult hero Nicolas Cage – the horror mystery Pay the Ghost, where he is hunting for the son he had taken from him at a Halloween carnival; the strange but sort of true comedy Army of One, which sees Cage as a modern-day Don Quixote commanded by God (Russell Brand) to kill Osama Bin Laden with a sword bought from a shopping channel; and the slick thriller, Inconceivable, which sees Nic facing off against an obsessed nanny. April sees Ban This Sick Filth: The Return, where the disgusting reprobates at ARROW have filled their streaming airwaves with the sauciest, dirtiest, sleaziest, most controversial content imaginable!

ALSO SHOWING: Insightful documentaries on legendary directors Sam Peckinpah and Peter Bogdanovich, horror in the woods in Cabin Fever, a selection of unmissable film picks from directing duo Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, mad scientists, zombies and much much more…
Arrow Line up
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