22 May 2024

Despicable Me Sequel On The Cards along with The Minions short Movies

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One great thing about been from the UK 90% of the movies are shown weeks sometimes months in USA  before they hit our shores, which means we can get a first hand reaction on how good or bad a movie is. Last weekend Despicable Me was released Stateside  and in its first weekend it took $56.4 million(about £50million) at the box office exceeding expectation and its fantastic news for Universal Pictures who can breathe easily as they’ve had a spate of blockbuster flops.

With the $56.4 million in the bank Despicable Me was made for around $70 million they will broke even probably by next weekend and with release of the movie still to happen internationally including the UK’s release  of October 15th and then tie in the home entertainment sales this movie will end up been one of unexpected biggest hits of 2010.So in a genre dominated by Disney/Pixar  & Dreamworks it looks like a new kid is on the block in the shape of Illumination to give the old guard a run for there money.

So with the sucess of Despicable Me its not surpise that talk is wondering around that a second movie is on the cards and according to Deadline Chris Meledandri, along with writers Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio are already taking the first steps to bring Gru back to the big screens. To those have seen the movie and to others the trailers to many the real stars of the movie are Grue little yellow minions and they themselves could having there own short movies which will be shown before future Animated Universal movies.

Despicable Me me co-director Chris Renaud is working on Dr.Suess The Lorax with possibly developing Ricky Gervais story Flamminals into a feature along with Tim Burton Adams Family animated feature too so things are looking rosy for Universal’s new animation studio.

So now Universal Pictures have one sucessful anition in the can its now time to knuckledown and be consistant and give Pixar/Disney and Dreamworks a run for their money, but congraulations to them, good to write something positive for a change!

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