22 May 2024

David Yates To Direct The Hobbit or will it be Peter Jackson?

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source Slashfilm / FirstShowing

Lord Of The Rings fans must have been in cloud nine when plans to bring the hobit to the big screen and when Guillermo del Toro with Peter Jackson producing. So when the summer was getting closer fans where getting excited about the filming was getting close to starting then the bomshell Del Toro stepped down and it was chaos, will it shoot or wont it and if so who’ll step into Del Toro’s place?

According SlashFilm whom have watch a few industry boards that David Yates is a favourite to take over directing  with Jackson producing with Del Toro still involved helping out on the screenplay. Yates is best known for been the director of The Harry Potter movies: Order of the Phoenix, Half-Blood Prince and the Deathly Hallows parts one & two (which have just wrapped up a few days ago shooting). As if questions be ask can he handle the pressure along with the stress of adapting a epic  fantasy, well yes of course  and he already has a good relationship with Warner Bros as well.

Just as I was writing this post First Showing have reported today that Deadline the Yates rumour is partly true he is inline with David Dobkin (shanghai Knights, Wedding Crashers) and Brett Ratner (X-Men:Last Stand). But  according to Deadline’s sources state Warner Bros & MGM are doing all they can to get Peter Jackson to direct the the hobbit’s 2 movies and Jackson apparently a few weeks ago he wasn’t opposed to the idea but at the same time said he wasn’t really interested either. Jackson did say if they cant find anyone to fill the directors chair and his other production agreements dont clash he’ll step in and you’ll hope he will if Dobkin or Ratner get the nod!

Mike Flemming of Deadline was the one whom reported the rumour and this is what he said nobody has been offered the helming job yet, but they want Jackson to complete the franchise he started with three LOTR films.” If this rumour is true you can see why they want Jackson as they dont have good alternatives though David Yates would be my choice if Jackson doesnt direct. Yates has proven he can handle a major franchise and is more talented than the other alternatives he could bring a little more darkness to the hobbit maybe not as dark as Del Toro but some edginess would be good, so Yates get the peoples movies support though would do believe sometimes what you start its sometimes better you finish it, Mr Jackson?

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