22 May 2024

Da Da Dah! Enjoy New UK Trailer, clips, Artwork For The Croods


Just when you thought prehistoric animated families where jall yabba yabba doo time next Friday 22nd March you’ll meet the world’s modern prehistoric family The Croods.

Starring the voice talents of Nicolas CageRyan ReynoldsEmma StoneCatherine Keener and Clark Duke  who’ll voice The Croods the world’s first family embark on a journey of a lifetime who are forced out of the cave they have lived in for years. The family have been (over) protected by Grug (Cage) the head of the family but now face a journey of a life time across unknown lands unaware of any dangers that lie ahead for them.

I have to apologise first upfront, anyone who has a email account thanks to the spam filters occasionally some genuine emails, unfortunately the ones from Twentieth Century Fox for The Croods.Fear not in the mortal words of Belt the creature who acts as a belt for Guy (Reynolds), da da daahhh!!! We have packed post full of The Croods goodies featuring a brand new UK trailer, a host of funny clips, tv spots.To really show how modern this family are,women of the world have Eep (Stone) to thank as you’ll see in the clip she tries on her first pair of shoes!

We also have a new featurette called ‘Modern Family’ when you’ll have a chance to meet the family and hear each actor tell you about who they voice in the film. If the videos ain’t enough we have a selection of new images, posters to make sure the next time you leave your on cage is to go see The Croods!

The Croods arrive in UK&Ireland on 22nd March.
UK Trailer


TV Spots


The Posters(click on image to enlarge)

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