15 June 2024

Could Digital Films Signal the Death of the Traditional Cinema?

Many movie analysts have been grappling with how the digital arena is transforming the entire film industry. It is actually quite amazing to witness how far this sector has evolved in only a short few years. Most of us can still recall the days when we would be forced to head out to the local video rental store if we wanted to view a newly released film. The entire concept of streaming media was still in its infancy due in no small part to the lack of bandwidth associated with traditional systems such as dial-up Internet. Concepts such as Netflix simply did not exist. Of course, we are now living in an age partially defined by the ability to download on-demand films with the click of a button. Even major sites such as YouTube have jumped embraced this digital transformation; offering many films for a fraction of the price that would have been associated with rental outlets. While this is great news for the consumer, what does it mean for the film industry?

Recent Digital Advancements Which are Set to Transform the Industry

Today’s Internet is all about efficiency and user-friendly systems. For example, many online businesses are considering a Magento migration towards more intuitive e-commerce platforms so that they can better promote their products and services. Mobile apps have taken the guesswork out of ordering takeout food and likewise, movie rental portals place thousands of titles at the fingertips of registered users. How has this affected the film industry?

Some would argue that younger generations (such as Millennials) are not as keen to head out to the local cinema as in the past. As a result, some franchises have had to raise their admission fees in order to make ends meet. Those who are on a budget might not be able to afford such prices; once again causing them to favour the online rental community. Might a day arrive when the last existing cinema on earth finally closes its doors forever?

You Cannot Beat a Classic Cinema Experience

The scenario outlined above seems rather dystopian and it is not likely to come to pass any time soon. Why is this the case? Simply stated, even the most advanced online film portals can never provide a cinema experience. Think about this for a moment. Would you rather watch Interstellar on a 12-inch laptop display or on a massive screen equipped with surround sound? Would you ever be able to enjoy the same thrills associated with Avengers: Endgame if it were viewed on a small smartphone or a tablet? Of course not.

Furthermore, the cinema also provides snacks, air conditioning, comfortable seating, and an ambience that cannot otherwise be replicated. Although there is no doubt that VR headsets and similar technological innovations will continue to have an impact upon the film industry, the fact of the matter is that cinemas are not slated for extinction in the future. After all, what better way to enjoy the weekend than by taking the family to your local theatre?

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