19 June 2024

Cool Stuff – Alien Chestburster Goes Lego (Arvo Brothers)

Back in 2013 we brought you rather cool Lego built Kaneda’s iconic bike from Akira created by the very talented Avro Brothers. They proved that with imagination , alot of skill and imagination those little toy bricks many of us grew up with you could create awesome stuff.

The brothers have recently updated their Flickr account with an update of another rather cool iconic thing from a classic film Alien, the chestburster. Originally they were built in 2007 however like many things, technology , parts improved and the brothers have updated them. Like virtually everything they build there comes an instructions book, so if you want to build yourself you can!


The most notable changes are the bases which are very similar to their 2015 Xenomorph Alien project. We have to say we love the fact there is a Lego part that imitates the blood delivering a more authentic feel to the proceedings. There is no John Hurt character but I think we can it looks pretty awesome without him. The other changes are the nose and teeth areas.

To get your morbid hands on the instructions manual contact The Arvo Brothers arvo@arvobrothers.com with the manual to appear on their website soon after.

chestburster-arvobros-3 chestburster-arvobros-2



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