22 May 2024

Christopher McQuarrie Confirmed To Direct Mission Impossible 5


He’s accepted the mission and it’s now time to self destruct! We’ll maybe not destruct but Christopher McQuarrie is officially confirmed to direct Mission Impossible 5.

Instead of been led up garden paths, given false hope McQuarrie ‘Mission: Accepted’ and he announced it via his Twitter account and the message was then re-tweeted by Ethan Hunt himself, Tom Cruise.

McQuarrie and Cruise both worked successfully on Jack Reacher so it’s no surprise the pair are working on Mission Impossible 5 and Cruise shre his delight on the news via an official statement…

“I am thrilled to reunite with Chris for the latest instalment in the Missionseries,” says Cruise. “I began producing the films with the goal that a different director with his own vision would make each one.Chris is an extraordinary filmmaker who will deliver the heart-pounding action and thrills that audiences around the world have come to expect from the Mission: Impossible franchise.”

It’s still early days on what we can expect from the plot or even which of the original cast maybe back (Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames), maybe even Jeremy Renner? Can we expect a new direction for Mission Impossible 5  or same old same old or a mix? Plenty of time mull over what we Christopher McQuarrie will deliver for the fourth sequel in the popular franchise, so are you raring to see  Hunt climb another famous tall building, play with his new boy spy toys?

Mission Impossible 5  is expected to be released 2015.

Source:  Christopher McQuarrie

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