22 May 2024

Choose To Believe?Love? Fight? 3 New Posters For The Host

So what’s next for Twihards where can they go to for their dosage emo teen angst, more vampires? Nope try parasitic aliens and rest easily my emo friends The Host  will be with us soon and it’s from Stephanie Meyer check out these posters for the film!

Even with this film been from the pen of the woman who exposed the world to the universe of Twilight Saga bringing joy to millions of tweens whilst delivering pain to other, we do love the Alien Invasion films and hats off trying to be a little different. However when your behind Twilight a highly successful franchise (financially) how can convince non-believers The Host is not Twilight with aliens? The posters have a running theme through them ‘choose’ Believe, Love, Fight three topics that make up the backbone of the film.

Set in the distant future the human race is virtually been wiped out thanks to an invasion of parasitic aliens who are taking over the Human race. Melanie (Saorise Ronan) is one of the very few human survivors fighting against these aliens who want to wipe the memories of those survivors.

The Host will be released 22nd March 2013(29th USA) and also stars Max Irons, Jake Abel, Diane Kruger,William Hurt,Frances Fisher and Chandler Canterbury!

Source: Yahoo

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