19 June 2024

Check Out Cool Micro Chibi Sci-fi Lego Vehicles

What is Chibi you may ask? It’s Japanese slang word for ‘small child’ or ‘short person a term used alot in Anime or Manga and it’s a term that’s been and popularised in other pop cultures including our own. Let’s be honest no matter what decade you where a child we’ve all experienced Lego at some point of our lives and Superpunch  have unearthed these really cool images  of  Chibi versions of popular sci-fi vehicles.

These little lego beauties are all part of the TBB’s Micro contest that invites people to create mini size lego versions of their favourite sci-fi TV shows and films. Below is a few examples of vehicles from Star Wars, You see more examples from Serenity, Jurassic Park, Blade Runner to name a few, check the others here.

starwars-1star-wars-2star-wars3 star-wars-4

Source: Superpunch

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