19 June 2024

Check These Amazing Star Trek Beyond Matt Ferguson Artwork

After the mixed response of Star Trek Into Darkness this summer Star Trek Beyond got Trekkers rejoicing and cinephiles back on board the franchise. It was  Justin Lin‘s first entry to the franchise with a little help from JJ Abrams as producer. It was also an emotional time for cast and fanbase from the first gay character (John Cho‘s Sulu) to the final film of Anton Yelchin  killed tragically in a freak accident.

Sheffield based Graphic designer Matt Ferguson loved Star Trek Beyond so much that he created this beautiful alternative artwork for Paramount. The amazing artwork comes in the shape of 3 posters of Jaylah , alien female warrior played by Sofia Boutella.

For Marvel fans, Matt’s work may look familiar as he regularly creates fantastic work for Marvel Studios especially on Guardians Of The Galaxy and Captain America: Civil War.He’s also worked  on various other projects including Star Wars: The Force Awakens, 2000AD//Judge Dredd to name a few. He loves his Sci-fi and why not check out Matt’s website going to this link.

These awesome Star Trek Beyond posters  show new character scavenger Jaylah, all showing her face with the iconic Starship Enterprise like a marking on her face. Just below there there is 3 crew members trying to beam up, is that Kirk (Chris Pince), Spock (Zachary Quinto), McCoy (Karl Urban). Each artwork is the same design with the only difference been the colours: Gold/Yellow, Blue and Red.

You can’t deny these beauties are awesome art, but now I hear you say “Can we buy prints of these artworks?” and yes you can. One option is to head to Leeds in November and Attend Thought Bubble (1-6th November), the city’s regular comic art festival which Matt Ferguson attends regularly. There is an Store on Matt’s website but there doesn’t seem to be any products at this moment.

star-trek-beyond-artwork-1 star-trek-beyond-artwork-blue star-trek-beyond-artwork-red

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