19 May 2024

Best Bond Bikes Infographic

So have you seen Skyfall? What is it attracts you to cinema’s greatest fictional spy? Is it the beautiful women James Bond beds from every corner of the world? Or is it the stylish cars or gadgets he gets to play with? Could it be the 2 wheelers who rides to chase the bad guys?

The good folks at The Biker Store have a suggestion it could be the motorcycles he rode throughout the 50 years he’s served queen and country. To highlight of the latest James Bond movie Skyfall,they have  created an infographic around all of the bond bikes which have been used throughout James Bond’s history.

Even if you haven’t seen Skyfall (why not?) it opens up with a great chase scene( not a spoiler, as there’s a snippet of footage in the trailer) the graphic has a look at the bike right through to Bond girl Fiona Volpe’s bike in Thunderball. But which one was the fastest? You can find out and much more when you check out the great infographic below!

Skyfall is out now in UK&Ireland and from tomorrow 9th November USA, read our review here and here for our complete footage.

source:The Biker Store

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